Easy Setup
No configuration.No need for pre-configuration before sending our device to site. You can change settings remotely. All settings can be changed over web interface.
No Internet/IT Settings
No need for firewall configuration or port configuration on client side. Default DHCP enabled. Client only needs to attach RJ-45 connector. That's all!
Protect yourself & your clients with encrypted USB Dungle. No one ,except you, can connect to your clients. Secure & reliable. Certificate based protection (4096 Bit Certificate / SHA256) .

Easy & Secure

Easy Connection
  • Plug-in your USB Dungle
  • Start ClientNode
  • Select RemoteNode you want to connect
  • Now connect your devices as always you do locally!
  • Secure Connection
  • Certificate based connection
  • RSA Key 4096 Bit Certificate / SHA256
  • Hardware Encrypted Dungle
  • Hardware Encryption and Password Protection
  • About Us

    SimpLinx is founded to produce latest technology Industry 4.0 products.
    We want to make remote connections, data acquisition & cloud solutions as simple as possible.  While keeping it simple, security is our main focus.