SMX-GTW10 is an industrial firewall and gateway. It can be used to combine networks with different subnets and for access control in existing networks. Featured properties;
- Direct device access with created "virtual" IPs
- Port forwarding
- Access Control
- Router Feature

IP Map

By using the virtual IP you create on the SMX-GTW10, you can directly access your devices such as PLC. There is no setting to be made on the access device.

As in the example above, the Client PC can directly access the PLC device ( using the created virtual IP (

This access can be restricted to a specific IP or IP range.

Port Map

By using the port forwarding feature, you can map any port on the gateway with a port of your devices such as a PLC. Thus, you can access your field devices using the forwarded port. (For example SCADA communication)

This access can be restricted to a specific IP or IP range.

Access Control (WAN to LAN)

Control all access from WAN to LAN. You do not have to compromise security to collect data. For example, you can only allow the relevant IP of the PC in the office network to read data from the PLC.

Access Control (LAN to WAN)

Control all accesses from LAN to WAN. Control the internet access permission or permission to access specific resources.

Do not compromise on security.