Simplinx Remote Connection Module
There are three ethernet intefaces. Two for local ethernet based devices (Local LAN) and the other is for internet connection (WAN)

By default DHCP is enabled on WAN port
For service & configuration there is static IP address on LAN port
- Service IP Address:
- Service Subnet :
- Web Interface :
Key Features
2 Port Ethernet Switch
You can use integrated ethernet switch to connect your devices like PLC & Panel

Wireless Client
Can connect internet over wireless connections. (See Accessories)

Wireless Access Point
Can be used for wireless local programming. You can access your LAN devices by using wireless access point feature.
Default SSID is Device Serial Number & Password is "simplinx"

Phone Hotspot Connection
SMX-RNS can use your Phone hotspot to connect internet.(USB & Wireless)

LED Indications
- READY Led: Device Booted & Ready
Steady ON: Internet is OK
Blink: There is remote connection on device

Proxy Support
- SMX-RNS can make connections by using a proxy server. (Firmware V2.4.0 and up)
- You can change proxy settings from web interface

Serial Port Support
- SMX-RNS support up to 4 serial ports. (RS-232, RS-485) (Firmware V2.4.0 and up)
- Tested usb serial port converters;
Digitus DA-70156 - 1xRS232
Digitus DA-70157 - 1xRS485
Digitus DA-70158 - 2x RS232
Digitus DA-70159 - 4x RS232
Technical Details
Power Supply 24 V DC +-%10
Power Consumption 200 mA
Interfaces 2xUSB
1xRJ45 WAN 100mb/s
2xRJ45 LAN 100mb/s
Case DIN Rail Mounted
Temperature 0°C to 70°C Operate
-40°C to 85°C Storage
Dimensions Width : 022 mm Height : 100 mm Depth : 113mm -
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