Security For Machine Builders

  • All communications are based on SSL Certificates.
  • In order to access SimpLinx Remote Devices you will need SSL certificate & also USB Dongle. 
  • All network traffic except yours are blocked by integrated Firewall.
  • All office network traffic to your devices are blocked by SimpLinx integrated Firewall.
  • If you need to use more than one USB Dongle, you can define one of them as master.
  • SimpLinx has integrated user management capabilities.
  • You can cancel/delete slave USB Dongle when you need to.   

Security for Plant & IT managers

  • SimpLinx uses integrated Firewall for all connections.
  • Only registered machine builder can connect SimpLinx Devices.
  • All other connection requests will be blocked by integrated Firewall.
  • Machine builders have to use SSL Certificate & USB Dongle for SimpLinx devices.
  • SimpLinx Devices always blocks internet access of devices such as PLC,Panel & PC which are connected to LAN interfaces.
  • PLCs,Panels & PCs which are connected to LAN interface of SimpLinx don’t have access to office network.